My world changed in July of '98.My Angel passed through the golden gate. Click below to view my life and the ones I love.Dedicated in memory of my daughter Mindi."She traveled far, though she could not walk. She taught us much, though she could not talk."

Also, please visit AngelChild for Mindi's legacy.

Main page for my daughter Mindi. Read the many pages on how she lived life to the fullest despite the fact she was born with Cerebral Palsy.
    My pet page. No website is complete without a pet page.

Poetry I have written, mostly to do with Mindi.

This is a fun page! LOL Those interested in seeing my tattoos go to this page.

Cats. I love cats. Pictures and jokes about cats.

A page about my foster daughter Brett. She has Cerebral Palsy.

Do you want to see where I live? Go here and it will also take you to the page about our Killdear.

Who is the person behind this webpage? It is me, Frannie. This page is about me.

I love to make webpages about my vacations. This one is the Bahamas with my brother.

This vacation is about Alaska. My daughter and I went to visit my other daughter, her sister, there.

Cancun Mexico with my brother. (Yes, I take a lot of trips with my brother.)

My latest adventure. A trip to Phoenix Arizona with Hubby. Read this for its amazing ending.

A page I put together for my Dad.

About my baby Jamie. He was born with a deformed heart and lived two months.

I enjoy Tap. I've taken lessons for several years. Come dance with me.

Another webpage everyone needs. My award page.


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