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Angel MindiAngel Mindi

Ever since I can remember, Mindi has collected Bears. Any kind of bears, but mostly Teddy Bears.The last time I counted she had over 160 Bears.Mindi was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her Teddy Bears not only were something to hug and love, they also were used to help support her in her wheelchair.Her very first bear she got was named Brownie. (Yes, he was a brown bear) That bear went every where with her.Well, not EVERYWHERE! I wouldn't allow him in the bath tub, even though she tried!Angel MindiShe loved that old bear. Every birthday had a theme and the year of her fourth birthday was Bears.Angel MindiIf her sisters were playing with their dolls Mindi would want them to take care of Brownie too.Mindi AngelThere were several bears that she got attached to but Brownie was the favorite.Mindi AngelMindi had a best friend that had a birthday in the same month as her. Her friend, Kathleen, also collected Bears. Each year, on their birthdays, they gave each other a Bear.Mindi and Kathleen have a story they like to tell. Kathleen was a counselor at the camp Mindi went to. Mindi couldn't talk but understood everything. This one time, at camp, Mindi was trying to tell Kathleen something.They had gone inside to watch a play so everytime Kathleen asked a question she had to lift Mindi's sunglasses to see her answer because Mindi looked up for yes and shook her head for no.This went on for sometime. Kathleen would ask a question and do the same thing, lift her sunglasses to see her answer. The play was over and they went back outside still trying to figure out what Mindi wanted. At this point Mindi indicated it wasn't important any more. It wasn't until way later in the day that it dawned on Kathleen what Mindi wanted.....She wanted her sunglasses off since she was was to dark to see!!

Angel Mindi