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OK, since Christmas is in a few days I guess I should write something to mail off a few Christmas cards, at least to the people I have received cards from.
It has been a hard year for me and I am glad it is over. The first everything is done with. The first Christmas without Mindi, her first birthday without her, all that stuff.Like I said, it was a very hard year. When the year anniversary of Mindi's death rolled around,I was in Alaska. Khimberly and I went to visit Julia. Would you believe we were there the week Anchorage had summer! We only brought along a couple pairs of shorts each. After all, we were in Alaska, home of dogsleds and igloos. We had a very good time. One day we went out on a fishng boat and brought home a lot of......don't know if I can say the word....Halibut. We've been eating halibut stew, fried hailbut, etc etc. I think it was a wise choice I made to go up there then. The fog on my brain seemed to lift after July 6th and I have been doing very well since then.
In May I went to the Bahamas. My brother and I have been taking a yearly trip together the last few years and this year it was the Bahamas. For many years I have been dreaming of going there. In fact, because of a mistake on the tour companys part we ended up getting the trip for free. Sadly to say though, I was disappointed. I guess I really had the Bahamas built up in my mind for it was not what I expected at all. Of course I was also in the midst of a deep depression at the time. I remember the year before I had a deep depression had the same time and that was before Mindi died. I'm thinking maybe it is one of those seasonal things and so I purchased one of those Lights that is suppose to help with the depression associated with the lack of sunshine, which we have a lot of lack off!
In the Month of August Ken and I decided to go to Phoenix Arizona for vacation. We were looking for a good place to retire. We like the sun and warmth. By the second day we were there we had a newspaper in hand and started looking at mobile homes. The fourth one, I think, was it. We took one step inside and looked at it and looked at each other and said "That's it!" By the time we were on the plane we had a winter home. We didn't know how often we were going to be able to go down there since Ken was still working. We made reservations in the summer though to be there over Thanksgiving. November 1st rolled around and BANG, Ken was retired. Then it dawnes on me that we DON"T HAVE to come back Sunday. We tried to get a free ticket out of the deal but the plane was full, not over full. We did get to stay four extra days with being charged to change the ticket. Wesley comes along with us. He's a traveling doggie. In fact, he is a spoiled rotten little doggie that goes every where with Mommy and Daddy. I think Wesley likes the heat but isn't overly fond of an abundance of rocks......and cacti! He had to end up having knee surgery right before we went to Arizona for vacation. He is getting close to ten years old. Since the kids are all grown now he is our baby.
Richard is almost thirty now. Yikes! He has his place in Port Orchard and still drives Bus for the Bremerton School District.
Khimberly just turned 24 and graduated from Washington State University. She is working for Group Health Hospital.
Julia is 21 and still in Alaska. She works part time for a vet and has started a business called Alaska Critter Sitters.
Well, Christmas was yesterday and I stll haven't mailed these. Ken and I have adjusted well to being retired and are looking forward to going back to Arizona the beginning of March.