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Hello everybody,

So, Jesse and I are back from Mexico (for those of you who knew we went). It is so nice to be back! The first four days were wonderful, except for Jesse losing his debit card the first day and our hotel reservations falling through, aside from that, things ran fairly smoothly. Our standby plane tickets were never a problem for getting on the plane, there was even enough space to allow Jesse and I to sit next to each other. We only saw two cockroaches and never ran out of money or had anything stolen. We left on the 18th for Puerto Vallarta and arrived back on the 26th. For the first four days we soaked up the rays at the beach and pool, took a cruise ride to Yelapa, checked out the markets and ate at very nice restaurants. Then, it all went done hill from there. I began to feel very ill which progressed rather rapidly. I was too sick to leave and come back to the US, I couldn't have handled the plane ride. I had a fever (that actually was so high that I was hallucinating), chills, severe abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea. We thought it was just a travelers dz and that it would be gone soon, but when it only got worse we finally decided to go to the hospital. I was admitted right away and had x-rays, blood work and urine labs done to diagnose me with an intestinal infection, a bladder infection and severe dehydration. I didn't eat for nearly three days and was pumped with several liters of IV fluid and whatever else :) It was very scary being in a foreign hospital where nobody speaks english except for the doc, and even he was difficult to understand. I couldn't ask questions and I had no idea what was going on. Jesse stayed with me and only left once to get a quick bite to eat. He stopped at a corner sub shop and grabbed a chicken sub to eat quickly so he could get back to me. The following night after I got out of the hospital Jesse got food poisoning (Salmonella from that chicken sub) and he was up all night from vomiting and diarrhea. The roles had switched, now I was worried about him. The next day we got on the plane thoroughly exhausted. It doesn't end yet...I ended up going to the ER friday night (the day after I got back) for fear that the infection was coming back. They again pumped me with IV fluids because I was dehydrated and gave me a you know what for constipation caused by the meds given by the Mexican doc. Apparently, I was supposed to wait a few days before I started my meds so that wouldn't happen...but the Mexican doc forgot to tell me, who knows maybe he did and I just didn't understand. Overall, they cured me very well...although I am not back to "normal" quite yet, I am on my way. Jesse too went to the ER the same day for the same symptoms he was having, he is almost back to normal as well. So, to say the least, I will NEVER return to Mexico again. It is nice to be home, safe and nearly well. I am disappointed in our adventure, but at least we made it :) See you all soon, Khim