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Hey kid. I was just sitting here in P-town and thinking about you going to Europe. I was thinking about all the incredible stuff you are going to experience and the memories that you will have for the rest of your life. I was thinking about how jealous I am and how we would not be able to experience them together. I haven't even really given you anything to bring with you to remind you of me. So I decided to write out this list to give you something to look at and think about if you ever get bummed out. So here it goes. I chose the number 34 because that's how many days you will be in Europe.
34. Your smile, it just makes me smile
33. your big brown eyes, what else do I need to say?
32. you are a HIPPY, but there's nothing wrong with that. . . I think it's cute.
31. you make me try new things, probably stuff that I would have never done.
30. Your curly locks, Please don't cut them off.
29. you motivate me to be all that I can be, and not give up on myself.
28. you are special, there's no one like you.
27. Your voice, one of the few things I have to look forward to while I am at school and you are there.
26. You and I don't fight, we compromise and it usually turns out better than either of us could have imagined.
25. I can spend days and days on end with you and I honestly don't think that I could get sick of being around you.
24. Your beautiful body that fills my dreams almost nightly.
23. The way we can just sit around and do nothing but still have a good time just because we are together.
22. The way that I can talk to you and tell you what's really on my mind.
21. The way you can meet my friends and almost instantly be deep into a conversation with them.
20. You like my friends and I like your friends. Everyone we know we get along with. . . I've never had that.
19. The way you can just make yourself at home in my house. . . I love that.
18. You and my mom are like old college friends when you guys talk that's cool. . . my mom's a good lady she needs some good close friends again
17. You have the best taste in music of anyone besides me.
16. You have so many good stories and experiences share with me.
15. you don't mind if I hang out "with the boys". you actually encourage it. That's damn cool if you ask me.
14. you trust me enough to drive your car. My mom barely trusts me in her car.
13. you are willing to try new things.
12. You are also willing to conquer your fears(. . . remember, the Zipper at the carnival)
11. Your soft skin. I could touch that all the time if you'd let me( especially your stomach)
10. Your huge butterfly tattoo. . . that thing is beautiful.
      9. The way you include me in your decisions.
      8. You don't hide anything from me.
      7. I can trust you like I could trust any of my closest family.
      6. You are the best kisser that I have ever encountered.
      5. You compliment me all the time. That makes me feel good.
      4. You can make me smile even when I'm feeling my shittiest.
      3. You are a smart girl, you don't need help from anybody.
      2. You are a bit stubborn, but that's cool because it makes me work harder to make you happy.
      1. You are Goddess to me and I will treat you like one as long as we are together. There you have it. 34 reasons why I love Khim. All of them the truth. I probably even forgot a few but If I remember any more while you are away I'll send them to you. Don't forget me while you are in Europe and Have a great time. I'll miss you but I'll be ok. Have a great time and write me when you get the chance. I love you.