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William H. Stevenson and Elizabeth McBeth Stevenson. They were married in April of 1837.Their oldest son is Samuel. Elizabeth is pictured here with perhaps her youngest. There were about a dozen children. Samuel is the one the mother is writing to in a letter I will quote. Samuel was born in 1838. James P. McBeth Stevenson is another son that was born in March of 1850. He is the married to Eva Barton Shinkle. There is a copy of a letter that he wrote to his older brother that Bill Douglas has wherein he is complaining about the quill pen he was using.

This is the great grandmother and great grandfather to Phyllis Bloomer who actually has a great grandson,Jorgan.

The Stevenson's were living in civil war times and had two sons in the war.Phyllis a copy of a letter she wrote to one of the sons. Evidently they had had a hard winter the winter before with it being hard to find food and the son, Sam, had been asking if they will have food enough for the coming winter and she is telling him they have a cow and the garden had been good, so she could can things. Also they had evidently lost a girl of about 14 shortly before and he is asking if she knew how much he loved her. In this letter she tells him that the girl, Maggie, had been talking about how he had taught her to ride horseback before she died. Now, as she is writing,her husband is sitting by the cradle of the baby who is ill, The letter stops and picks up again later. The baby had died. Then she says, "but hitherto the Lord has blessed us and I know he will bless us again."