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Thinking of my sweet Rosie makes me want to let you all know what she was like. So i have taken some time to write down a typical day with my sweetie. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.   I remember driving in the car with Rosie. Everything we passed was an exciting landmark. She would shout, "Look Mommy, Old MacDonald's" or "I see an aeroplane!" Every moment of her life was filled with excitement. She would let me see through her eyes. Her spirit and desire for life filled every inch of my being. I loved going to her when she woke up in the morning and called me, "Mooommeeee." I loved when Rosie would ask me over a plate of French toast, "is it a school day?" She would be so thrilled if it was. When I would pick Rosie up from school, Rosie always greeted me with a smile, a kiss, and some wonderful project she made for me and Daddy.   I loved eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Rosie, which we would always have to cut into pretty shapes with cookie cutters. I loved watching tv as she would shout, "Baby Gap, Mommy!" as if the 15 second commercial before Arthur was her favorite show. I loved making dinner while Rosie made the salad and would spin the spinner so fast it would shake, rattle and roll.

I loved when we waited for Daddy to come home for we would find something creative to do to pass the time, such as making a box into a robot or computer. I loved giving Rosie a bath as she would use her slippery soap or silly soap to wash her Trollies. I loved bringing Rosie to bed as Doug and I would take turn reading her stories such as "Arthur's Birthday" or "Over in the Meadow" for the billionth time.   I loved singing Beauty and the Beast or Hush Little Baby as she slowly drifted off to sleep. I loved kissing her goodnight, always knowing that my sweet angel would greet me again the next morning with "Mooommeeeeee".   I can hear her call me every morning still. Sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me smile. But it always makes me think of my every precious RoseMarie.With Love, The luckiest Mooommeeee in the whole world, Anne Marie

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