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Dear Harry (Pots)

How I wish I could give you the present you would like the most this Fathers Day. I wish I was able to lift the burden of a heavy heart. I wish I had the words to fill your heart with happiness. All I can do is say I am thinking of you. Pots, I want to wish you a Happy Fathers day from John Paul. If he were here physically you know what he would do. Treasure those memories. Get out his present he made last year. Relive the times when Fathers day was wonderful, back when Mom made the cakes and had big parties. I'm sorry the last few Father Days were not like how they used to be. It is so hard. No sad, Pots? Please Pots? Maybe Mindi and John Paul are happy? I wish I knew. If only we could know the are running and laughing and playing and having a grand time. But the emptiness we feel is so huge. They were our best buddies. I'm sorry Pots. I'm trying to think of something fantastic to say, but words elude me since Mindi left. I haven't done anything for my Dad or Hubby for this day but I wanted to do something for you. Don't work to hard out in the hot sun Pots. Take it easy and think of you. That is what John Paul wants now for you to take it easy and be good to yourself. Have a nice day with Mary Ann and David.


All my love