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Mindi's many pages may be seen by going to her home webpage. Click here When Mindi died it was very hard for me. I went from someone needing me completely to an empty nest in one summer. I continued for a year to take care of my foster daughter that had CP like Mindi. Mindi and I had decided in July of 1995 to open up a foster home. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed it. After Mindi died though, part of me died too. After a year of taking care of Brett her Mom and I decided it was time for me to move on. As it turned out, a few months later my hubby retired. We bought a getaway home in Arizona.

We had gone to Arizona and fell in love with the place. Before we went home from vacation we ended buying our little place. We go down quite often since our youngest works for Alaska Airlines so we fly free.

This brings us to October of 2000. We had just returned from a trip to our getaway home. Actually,we renewed our wedding vows for our 25th wedding anniversary in Arizona. We had talked about someday, eventually, moving from Redmond. It would be a major task though, since Hubby had been there for 34 years. All in all, it was just talk though. There were be so much to do to bring the place up to code. But the plateau, where we lived, had changed in the years we had been there. It used to be the country and now was a rich mans mecca. Then one day, a neighbor waved Ken over as he rode his bike. They asked if we ever thought of selling! The rest is history! By Febuary 15 we were in our new home!

We now live in Port Orchard, Washington. Our son lives half a mile away. We are back in the country!!! Several things happened after we moved here. Five days later we had a foot of snow. Ten days after we moved here our "baby" of almost 11 years died. (West Highland White Terrier. Wesley)

The next day we went and bought another baby. Fifi, a Yorkshire Terrier. Eight days after we got her we had a major earthquake!!! We sustained no damage. After that things slowed down and that brings this up to date.