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In this picture you see the "strip down" model of the buggy with an old car seat on it. The neighbor kids and Billy used it to go down to the river to go fishing.

First Generation William Stevenson, born December 27, 1812 in Ohio, married Elizabeth McBeth, born May 31, 1818 They married April 27,1837

Second GenerationJames P. McBeth Stevenson married Eva Barton Schinkle (Eva's Mom decended from Blaisdell)

Third Generation: Ada Stevenson married William Henry Douglas.

Fourth Generation is Phyllis,{William Harvey, Juanita,(Dawn, Robin, J.Scott) and Donald} Evelyn, William, {Frances,(Melinda,Kimberly,Julia,James) Eugene,(Jason,Angela,Deanna) Earl} Elizabeth,{Elaine and Patti}, and Eugene