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James Douglas

William Henry Douglas

Memories Of Grandpa Douglas by Phyllis.

My grandfather lived with us when I was little and he always had time for a little girl. I was only three when he passed away but almost all my very early memories involve him. He liked to tease, but it was always in a loving way. I talked early and a lot. We had a phonograph that you had to wind up so it would play records and he told me that the difference between me and the phonograph was that the phonograph would run down. We had a horse and buggy that we used to go to town which was four miles away. This took awhile. He had to go to town one day and asked my mother if he could take me along for company, Then he got me an all day sucker. He told my mother he had to get it to keep me quiet. Now I have this great grandaughter Brianne who talks continually. Her mother, Robin, brought her to see me when she was three or four. When she got here, Robin was exhausted. She said it was the first time she knew one could be physically exhausted by listening to someone talk.   When asked why she talked so much Brianne said that there were a lot of words and she wanted to use them all. So I see this talking gene going on through the family with the trip by horse and wagon and the grandfather that buys all day suckers in self defense to my grandaughter climbing out of a car physiclly exhausted from a daughter who wants to use all the words.Modes of travel change but the talking gene goes on.

I also remember I had received a doll buggy for Christmas and pushed my dolls around in it every day. I loved it, but it did not stand up to such extensive use and one day it wouldn't push right. I was heart broken. But the next day when I got up my doll buggy was fixed. I was amazed, but my grandfather told me that probably Santa Claus had noticed that it was broken and sent one of his elves to fix it in the night. How much more fun than to think that a mere person repaired it. I was special to Santa Claus and his elves. I also remember when I was very small his crossing his legs, letting me ride on the crossed one while he sang Old Mcdonald had a farm.