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Please vist ShaRRons site. Lots of angel graphics!


For JoJo's award:

This award is JoJo's award for excellence. Thank you for sharing Mindi's story with me, and all who have "special" children in their lives, that are now in God's hands, and whole and renewed in body. Mindi's story touched me so deeply, and she was such a beautiful young lady. I am sure that she is watching over you now, and is so proud that she had a mother like you, that loved her so deeply, and tended to her every need. God Bless, Terri

For my award:

I want to thank you for sharing Mindi's story, and touching my heart, as I went through all of the links, and could not help the tears that flowed, just knowing how loved and "special" Mindi was to you and her family. She was a very talented young lady, given her disabilities. You will not go unrewarded for your loving, and making sure that your little Angel was well cared for. I pray that you take comfort in the fact that Mindi is now in God's loving Hands, and that one day, you will see her again, not as she was here on this earth, but in a new and whole body. God Bless you and your family. Terri

Thank you so much Terri. Very kind words. You are a very special Aunt to JoJo. Please go visit Terri's page.TERRI


It has been a while but I finally received another award. Big thanks to a fellow MALLRAT for this award! Making a webpage? Better go visit here.


Out of the blue there appeared yet another award!!! Have you lost a loved one? NetAngels is the place to be. Click Here


When Mindi died I spent a lot of time at There you wll find Daisy and many others I have grown to love over the years. Daisy has an Online Memorial Page. Please visit her wonderful pages. Click Here

Well, what do you know! Another award an it wasn't even for Mindi's pages!!! It was for helping. Here's my award.

Thank you Jim! It is very much appreciated!

For a New Page I made.

I made a new webpage and posted it in a Newsgroup. Next morning there was an award from Cullen. Thank you!!! Click on his award to go visit his pages.