Loss of Our Kids - For Parents Who Have Lost a "Special Needs" Child
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Loss of Our Kids

Some say our kids were special, disabled. We say they were special, "different-abled". Different is not always better, it is just different. "Our Kids" were 'different-abled" to love us unconditionally, to laugh freely from the heart, to give us the gift of their joy. They were also challenged to live life with the difficult bodies they were given. How they rose to the "difference"! We are proud of their accomplishments. We are proud of who they were, and the lives they lived. LOOK at our kids!

John Paul Sutphin. Prader Willi Syndrome.April 21, 1975-January 4th, 1999 Loved puzzles, his macarena gorilla, looking for ladybug things for his Mom, his brother David and his Dad "Pots".

RoseMarie Price. January 17, 1995-May 30, 1998. Spina Bifida. Though she had a vp shunt for hydrocephalus she was very intelligent. She loved Blues Clues, Arthur, her Daddy, her baby brother to be, Noah, and her Mooommeee.

Melinda Lee Osborne. Cerebral Palsy. October 2nd, 1971-July 6th, 1998. Mindi loved TV,finger painting and was Ms. Dream On 1997. The organization DAHRT, Disabled Americans have rights too, was started because of Mindi and continues in her memory.

Meica Laine Mansiere Bristol - August 27, 1986 - July 20, 1997. Cerebral Palsy. "The best daughter we could have hoped for" which will be understood only by those who can see past the disability to the person inside.   She loved rock videos and music, wild colored nail polish and fashion. Meica paved the way for many behind her.

If you're a parent who has lost a child with a disability or special needs, please join us. To subscribe to the Loss of Our Kids list, email me.

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