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"Once upon a time"Mama and Papa bear, read to their little bear cubs.....

Angel Mindi........there was a lonely, chubby, little bear. He was in love with two other Teddies. First there was Tara Teddy.Angel MindiEvery time he went to the grocery store, which was often,he would see her there. There was a problem though. She had a sister, Tonia Teddy. Now Tonia was just as cute as Tara, or at least Teddy thought so. (Yes, His name is Teddy T. Teddy)Angel Mindi Tonia and Tara seemed to like Teddy, but he wasn't sure. The problem was, The Beanie Baby Brothers! They were popular, rich, and there were a lot of them! To many to even name.

Hi. I'm Tiny Teddy. Stop and watch the Beanie Bears in the frame.

There is one thing about Teddy Bears you may not know about. Just like you and I, the Teddies don't know if the other Teddy is a boy or girl.That was when her saw them.First there was Halo.She was an angel, literally. Anyone so beautiful had to be a girl. There was also Valentina, just as beautiful.Teddy decided to have a party.He was going to invite all his friends.There was of course Tommy Teddy, his best friend.Tommy Teddy was a little smitten with Tina Teddy, so she would come too. Tina Teddy was one of those hippies from the 60's. Flower and all.

Teddy was so excited about having a party he was doing summersaults! Silly Teddy.