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How did we enjoy our stay in Phoenix? We fell in love with Phoenix. So much so that we started talking about getting a winter home there.By the time the week was up we purchased a little mobile home.It is in the Estrella Villa Mobile Home Park. Estrella means star. We decided to name our place El Sol. That means Sun. It is our little place in the sun.This is the screened in porch. It runs the length of the trailer. This was one of the main selling factors of the place, at least for us that is! When we stepped inside Hubby and I looked at each other and said, "This is it."We both knew right away. This was the place we wanted. This was our winter home. Home of the Osborne Snowbirds.There is a little porch in the carport area where we can sit and talk in the evening. Just like an old retired couple.This was another thing we liked about the place. A lot of the other places we looked at only had steps leading up to the door.The landscaping around it is very nice too. Here is a picture of us in front of a cactus in our yard. I'm not sure if it is ours or the neighbors. It is a prickley pear. You can make jelly from the fruit that grows on it.We are going to enjoy our winter home very much. It is in the land of the sun. We are very very excited about this. One more thing. Our most favorite thing to do is lay by the pool when it is real hot out and tan. So of course the park had to have a pool. So here she is.....OUR SWIMMING POOL! This is where we will spend a lot of our time.HASTA LUEGO