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This was actually one of the best vacations I can remember in a long time. Quality time with my girls. One of the reasons I picked this time to go was because July 6th was the one year annivesary since my other daughter Mindi died. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it at home. On July 4th, while I was watching the fireworks, I thought of Mindi and some other special Angels I've come to know.The fireworks were very hard to see, as you can tell, since it never really gets dark in the summer. There was also another problem we ran into. On the fourth I got all dressed in my fourth of July clothes and we headed out to a campground where there were going to be fireworks. We stopped to ask directions and found out they had the fireworks display the night BEFORE. Since it doesn't get dark they don't start them till midnight so it was really the fourth when they started! That was ok though, cause there were other places that had them that night.So we ended up going and sitting outside the stadium to watch them. Purple was for Mindi. I made a little memorial place for her in the motel room. I brought along some candles and lit one each night. Julia emailed me the other day and she said we should thank Mindi for the nice weather. She was really worried the weather would be bad and we wouldn't have a good time. Well, the weather was beautiful, way better than at home. So Mindi, we say, thank you. We love you and miss you!! The next day we went to Girdwood to an arts and crafts fair. It is about an hours drive away. The drive there is beautiful. Lots of trees and snow topped mountains. It is located in the forest, thus the name Girdwood Forest Fair. There are booths to buy all sorts of things. Khimberly bought some wooden mushrooms. I ended up not buying anything. I saw a tie-die shorts outfit I wanted but all they had left was a small and that doesn't work for me!Then it was time to head back to the motel. The last day we had to get the boxes for the fish and box them up. Found out the motels there have a freezer in the vending machine room for the guests to keep their fish. Only in Alaska! We boxed up two small boxes instead of one big one. Smart move on my part. (Actually I think it was Julias idea) We went to a bead shop and I made a bracelet with an angel on it. We went to the mall a couple of times and we also had a girlie day where we went and had our hair done and had a massage.We went to a new fancy restaurant the last night. The Benihana. It is connected (well,next to but a part of) the Hawthorne Suites. It was the second night it was open. They cook the food right there. Poor chef seemed to be nervous. I had a couple glasses of wine and was feeling pretty good. So that was my vacation to Alaska. I already miss my little girl. It was so fun having the room next to her office. Perhaps I will go again next year.